A Flagship Pioneering Company

Generating tomorrow's medicines today through the language of life

We work at the frontier of programmable medicines. We power our bioplatform and product candidates by harnessing evolution and AI. We operate with purpose and urgency on behalf of people everywhere. We aim to generate life-changing impact for the world.

Unlocking programmable medicines for the first time

Sail’s platform combines first-in-category translatable circular RNA technology (Endless RNA™ or eRNA™), and proprietary programmable nanoparticles, utilizing natural components, to comprehensively program medicines for the first time. By leveraging its rapid prototyping and testing bioplatform, Sail is building a wealth of data, enabling unparalleled use of proprietary AI algorithms for the integrative design of RNA medicines with unprecedented performance and broad applicability.

First-in-category programmable RNA

Sail’s platform builds on the tremendous therapeutic potential demonstrated by first-generation RNA medicines by pioneering Endless RNA™ - a new class of synthetic, translatable and stable RNA that can be programmed to express diverse proteins inside the body with long-lasting expression, thereby expanding the therapeutic potential of RNA.

First-in-category programmable nanoparticles

Sail's Natural NanoParticle (NNP) deployment technology includes proprietary nanoparticles, derived from nature via a chemical “routing code” that evolved over millions of years to shuttle biomolecules into human cells, with potential for unique tropism, a wide range of routes of administration, and the ability to re-dose.

Together creating fully programmable medicines, powered by AI

Sail is using proprietary AI technologies and rapid prototyping abilities to supercharge our efforts, with the aim of achieving breakthroughs currently beyond the grasp of the human mind. With our unique combination of cutting-edge technologies, Sail is advancing integratively designed RNA medicines for the potential treatment of oncology, metabolic disease, infectious diseases, rare diseases, and immunology, aiming at unlocking unprecedented performance.