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Our Science

Generating tomorrow’s medicines today

We work at the frontier of programmable medicines to generate life-changing impact for the world.

At the forefront of the programmable medicines revolution

Sail’s first-in-category platform powers the integrative design of programmable medicines.

Most of us are familiar with the incredible therapeutic potential of RNA medicines. But, beyond a handful of approved products, the true promise of these medicines has not yet been realized, and patient needs go unmet. At Sail, we’ve developed a unique, next-generation RNA medicines platform designed to solve some of the greatest challenges associated with using conventional mRNA technology as therapeutics, unlocking programmable medicines and potentially leading to more and better medicines for patients, faster.

Our Platform


Preclinical studies conducted with Sail’s Endless RNA demonstrate persistent protein expression in vivo, even after a single administration. This has a huge potential impact on how we think about protein therapeutics, opening up a world of possibilities in how we treat disease.

The first fully programmable RNA medicines platform in the industry

Sail’s industry-leading platform pairs first-in-category programmable RNA technology (Endless RNA™ or eRNA™) with groundbreaking programmable nanoparticles and cutting-edge AI techniques to expand the therapeutic potential of RNA medicines and get them to exactly where they’re needed in the body. For the first time, all parts of medicine are programmable, and we intend to leverage this to generate life-changing impact for the world.


Throughout millions of years of evolution, species across all kingdoms of life have evolved to communicate intercellularly. These targeted, repeated intercellular communications are enabled by secreted nanovesicles that are chemically encoded. Sail is the first company to access this natural "routing code" and use it to program nanoparticles designed to get medicines to specific cells and tissues in the body.


We’re using cutting-edge, proprietary AI techniques and rapid prototyping abilities to accelerate our efforts to revolutionize programmable medicines.


We can deliver RNA therapeutics to specific cells that are currently inaccessible.

Safe & Tolerable

The pharmacokinetics of eRNA and our versatile delivery platform offer a more tolerable profile and lower dosing than existing nucleic acid technologies in preclinical studies.


We engineer our eRNA and nanoparticles to enable therapeutically relevant thresholds (e.g., route of administration, cell type, and pharmacokinetics) for a diverse set of applications.


We strive to deliver medicines to the right cells, at the right dose.


Our platform is designed to enable extended RNA pharmacokinetics, providing the potential for durable long-lasting medicines that reduce the clinical burden and cost of repeat dosing.